Creatine loading proccess question and more

Does any one here actually think the “Loading” process is neccesary? If so, would it be ruined if I skipped a day of it during the 5-day span?

Also I am thinking of adding in some Beta7 and Nitrix to make a stack of these three supplements. And also throwing in some fat-burner Hoodia to hopefully help with food cravings.

If I am trying to loose weight, will combining these four things help with that? I heard Creatine and Beta7 combo actually reduced body fat %. I dont mind if I put on muscle pounds, I just want to lose weight, but will taking all these defeat the weight-loss purpose?

I figure it would help because it should give me more energy to do more cardio and weight lifting which in return will burn more calories. And I am working on the diet still, I have been doing alright, but a few slip ups have occured.

Any imput appreciated!

The loading process is still debated. I’ll let CF explain the intricacies of it cause that stuff is really beyond my realm.

But, if you do a heavy loading phase (3 or more times a day for 5 days or whatever) then you will gain weight from the water (also called “bloat”). So you need to be aware of that when you look at the scale. It’s not fat or anything, so no need to worry if you go up a few pounds.

Here’s a solid creatine resource:,com_remository/Itemid,36/func,fileinfo/filecatid,8/parent,category/
Everything is well marked with scientific research.

From the report:

[quote]A more recent study done in 1999 found that 5g of Creatine per day without a loading phase in 16 athletes significantly increased measures of strength, power, and increased body mass without a change in body fat levels (whereas the placebo group showed no significant changes).
The researcher of this 1999 study concluded, “these data also indicate that lower doses of Creatine monohydrate may be ingested (5 g/d), without a short-term, large-dose loading phase (20 g/d), for an extended period to achieve significant performance enhancement.”[/quote]

My personal feeling is that the loading process can be used, but in reality it is not necessary, the loading phase goes a long way towards selling more creatine for companies as way more is used.

I have never really loaded, and to be honest don’t see a noticeable bloat although I did still gain some water weight.

John Berardi tell’s clients that are worried about weight class to take a 1/4 teaspoon serving spread out 3-4 times per day and he feels it almost completely eliminates the bloat.

One thing to keep in mind if your trying to lose weight/improve percent body fat is that the scale isn’t going to tell everything. If your lifting you can be dropping fat, but since you are adding lean body mass the scale won’t reflect the fat loss. Your more likely to see improvements in the mirror over anything assuming your trying to add muscle as well.

Yes I definitely realize this. I have lost 6 pounds in the past 2 weeks and a half, but I definitely am feeling a difference in the way my t-shirts and shorts and stuff are fitting a bit looser. So the scale isn’t such a big deal to me, I just want to feel good and would rather notice the differences in the mirror anyway.