Creatine is it bad

does anyone know if creatine is bad for teenagers to take

As far as health, to summarize a vast amount of information on what is said to be one the most researched supplement aside from steriods:

Creatine isn’t known to cause any problems from research aside from reactions to it from loading phase (which isn’t always necessary), which can include cramping and diahrea. Another thing would be your body holds more water so you must drink tons of water, most companies recommend a gallon.
Now aside from that there aren’t any major problems known, the problem is that the supplement isn’t all that old so there isn’t necessarily a difinitve source for that info.

One thing that I’ve read both ways is that creatine affects the muscles and the heart is a muscle, I’ve read that it can help prevent heart disease(s), but at the same time it being a muscle and not knowing complete long term effects makes me curious.

I suggest you read this, probably the best report on creatine I have read.,com_remository/Itemid,36/func,fileinfo/filecatid,8/parent,category/

Now aside from the health.
Is it necessary for teens to take creatine, I’m not so sure on that one.
Creatine is supposed to be great for breaking through plateaus and such.
That being said. Unless you have been training for a fair amount of time, the rate at which you can experience gains with the high level of testosterone in a teens body is exponential. Maybe a little protein to help, but you get my point.

Good luck, definately read that link if you want some well written info.
I’m still neutral on creatine (haven’t used it myself) but I’m not a big fan of the number of guys that hear their buddy used it and so they run down to their gnc and buy a tub of it. Creatine is a supplement you do have to bust your butt in the first place to get the real gains of creatine. I know guys that take and don’t work that hard in the gym, and really it doesn’t look like they go to the gym at all, but then there’s guys such as my coach who jumped his bench from 350 to 400 in a month.

How old are you?
How long have you been lifting weights?
How often do you lift?
What is your height and weight?

Answer those and I can give you an honest answer on whether creatine will do anything for you or not.

im 15 weigh about 150 lift every day

i started lifting in like 6th grade

Hey KC, mind telling me if creatine would benefit me or not as well.
Im 5’10.5", 210lbs, almost 17yrs old and have been lifting for like, 6-7months.

I recommend starting creatien at 15-16 . BUt yo see the full affects you need to drink a gallon of water a day and eat plenty of food, healthy food. Just for reference I am an exercise science major at Miami University and I have done much research on the topic

I think creatine would benefit you a lot. You have been lifting a long time so you should be past the area of “noob gains” as far as strength and muscle gain. Creatine usually translates into a couple extra reps on every set and a couple extra sets on every workout (before muscle fatigue). The main things to remember, liek Miami said, is to get plenty of water and eat clean.

I don’t think you NEED creatine right now. That is not to say that it won’t help you, I am sure it would. But in order to get the full benefit, without just wasting your hardearned $$$, it would be better for you to get some other stuff straightened out first. First off, I think you need some more time in the weight room. You need to have a really solid foundation before you add creatine to your program, or the results won’t come. I lifted for 4 years before I ever took creatine, and I am very glad I did. A lot of people that I have seen start taking it thinking that it will be some miracle. The solid base has to be there first.
Secondly, your weight is a little above where it should be. I am not saying this to be mean (I was in the same place at your age). This would be a good point to clean up your diet- add more protein and cut the junk. You can work out til you drop, but real strength and body composition changes come in the kitchen. I would recommend
to take control of the diet. I use it everyday and it is great.
So, you don’t need creatine, but it wouldnt hurt you to take it if you really want to. Just remember to eat well and take in 1.5 gallons of water a day.

Good Luck

Yeah, I am a bit bigger than I would like to be. But that’s why I have started trying to clean up the diet like you mentioned. Im always making sure we have fruit in the house, so I can go grab a peach, or banana, or apple, or pear or w/e instead of junk. And something that I always thought was garbage, but actually found out it was true. If you drink the recommended, or more than the recommended amount of water you actually feel full, and don’t feel the need to eat. Hopefully the new food choices along with weight lifting, sprinting, and all the baseball related things Im doing will help aide in this as well.
Even though you say I don’t need a creatine right now, would you say taking a protein powder would be a good idea??

Protein powder would be a good idea if you arent hitting your daily amount, which in your case would be 210 grams of protein. To put that into context: one chicken breast has around 50 grams, one whole eggs has 11, a can of tuna has 43. It is really hard to actually consume that much and still try to lose weight. That is why I have learned to love whey. You mix it with fat free milk and you get 42 grams of protein and only 250 calories. I think it would be a wise choice for you, and it is also something that you can keep with you when you head back to school. It isn’t too hard to throw a scoop of powder in a shaker and throw it in your backpack. That way you can just buy some milk at school and you are good to go.

One other thing (don’t know if you are doing this yet) is to have 6 meals a day, each one with a good protein source. You will see better results than if you just ate lots of fruit (lots of carbs, lots of natural sugars).

If you combine your work ethic with good nutrition and you should be an absolute monster next spring :smiley:

Good Luck

Heh I hope so. I finally got a little bit of credit on JV for my pitching, and got 13.2 innings, but still not anything against a quality team. And, I only made 1 start. So, Im doing a lot of sprinting, long toss, work on my off speed pitches, weight lifting, and hopefully getting to a pitching coach a few times. Knee surgery will probably end up coming in the late fall, but it shouldn’t be major. I had left knee surgery last winter, and this time it’ll probably be the right knee. Just basically an orthoscopy(sp?).