Creatine Help

Q1: May seem like a dumb question, but is creatine banned by any colleges. Just wanted to make sure

Q2: how much water weight, can i expect to gain from creatine in the first week. now i this is just water weight, but still its mass, and mass will make me look bigger. I have heard of some people gaining i think like 8lbs in one week. Is that a crock of crap or is it possible

What would you guys say is the least/max amount of weight you can gain in 1 week from creatine(again i know its just water weight).

No, it’s not banned by the NCAA, but when I took creatine, I’d take just 2-3 grams daily mixed with a recovery shake following a workout. For me, creatine was always a post-workout supplement.

Chocolate milk. It will make you look stronger by making you stronger. Drink after your workouts. Nothing better! I love it

steven, did you do the loading phase at all, and then cycle it or just took it all the time

The directions on the bottle say to take it for like 8 weeks i think, then stop for 4 weeks, and then keep cycling like that

I know of some guy who take it all year around.

No load phase is necessary.

so basically what your saying kyleb is that you can take creatine without cycling it for 8 weeks and then 4 weeks off right.

Right… you dont need to cycle.