Creatine good or Bad for Baseball?

Sorry I already posted this in response to a question in the High School section but I fell it is important to share in the Workouts section.

I’m unsure about taking creative for baseball. After I read the book 52-Week Baseball Training by Gene Coleman I have a different view on it. I’ve heard from some sources that Creatine improves muscle contraction and performance allowing it to be pushed to the limits. Creatine increases the capacity to train and is a very successful muscle builder. However, Gene strongly advised against Creatine during the season because of its increase in cramps, muscle pulls, and spasms. It can cause a 15 pound increase in body weight from water retention. Gene says this causes a “loss in step” and decrease in acceleration and quickness. He recommends using Creatine in the early off season and getting off of it before Christmas. He also states many college and professional teams recommend players to avoid Creatine. This is the opposite of what I have heard before. I was curious of your opinion on this topic? Is it true that Creatine have negative effects on your game? I trust this information because it’s in a published book by Gene Coleman who is the Texas Rangers and Houston Astros Strength coach for 22 years.

By the way the 52-Week Baseball Training book is great, it is packed with information, workouts for all positions with a yearlong program for Off Season, Pre Season, In Season, and Season. He includes exercises for core strength, foot speed, arm speed/ rotator cuff, forearm, and throwing programs for every position. He also includes interesting facts and background information about Major League and college training programs as well as extensive ways to improve overall strength and baseball specific weight training. He also gives tips and recommendations on supplements and diets for home and on the road. This was the best $20 I’ve ever spent.

i’ve been taking creatine for 3 or 4 years…i’ve tried different products, and none have given me cramps. It depends on the individual. Everyones body is much different and you can’t go on other peoples experiences you really need to experience stuff like this for yourself if you intend to use a supplement. It should make you retain water, but I haven’t lost a step…at least in my 60 yard dash it has improved over three years, but i’ve also built my legs up a lot stronger over those three years but its hard to tell.

well isnt creatine for working out and putting water in the muscles???

See people think thats all creatine does is make you look bigger, but in reality it aides in overall strength and recovery time. I agree completely with what Taylor has to say about different people react differently to it. Thats why some people are against it because they take somebody elses word on it and don’t experience it first hand.

the purpose of creatine is not to put water in the muscles, that’s just a side effect “bloating” is what its called. Or not a side effect but that’s just what happens.

Like qball22 said, when you take it your strength will usually go up in the weightroom, your energy should go up while your in the gym and by recovery time he means the next day you shouldn’t have all that soreness and tiredness from the day before. Having a good diet and possibly using other supps has a lot to do with the overall experience you have using creatine.

Creatine ethyl ester seems to have more responders then Creatine Monohydrate from the reviews i’ve read over the years. Either one may or may not give you cramps, you’ll just have to find out for yourself if you choose to use creatine. You can always try different products with slightly different ingredients or stop using it whenever you want.