Creatine before or after lifts

Should I take creatine before or after a workout?

I know a bunch of guys that take it before and after but I think its just personal preferance. make sure your drinking lots of water with creatine though

There are studies that support both, when I took creatine (I don’t anymore, just because I try to keep my diet as natural as possible), I would split it up. I would take a creatine where normally it said to take a scoop after a workout, I simply did 1/2 a scoop 45 minutes before and 1/2 a scoop immediately after. Try that.

It depends. Typically, it’s best to take as a pre-workout supplement because it will give you the necessary energy to workout. Some people take it as a pre and post-workout, however, if you decide to take it as a post workout as well, make sure your post-workout protein shake does not have glutamine. Reason being, glutamine and creatine compete for receptors, and as a result, the creatine will have no effect on your body. If you are only taking 1 dose a day, the best time to do it would be prior to lifting. If you’re cycling it 4-6 times a day during the loading phase, try to take multiple doses prior to the workout and a few hours following it, but not immediately after if you are in-taking glutamine.

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Take a heaping spoonful per day whenever you feel like it with water. Or whatever you’re drinking.

Doesn’t matter with regard to timing, what you take it with, or anything else. Just so long as you take it on a schedule.