Crazy baseball games

Well its saturday now, 10:24 . rain rain rain

We should play game today tho @ 14:30 but dunt think its gonna stop raining
You guys get pissed to if its canceled of rain??
I wanna pitch so badly lol!
sucks about holland, if it rains, it RAINS, if its hot, its also so humid, you sweat like hell when even doin nothing.

we once had a game in the evening btw, around the time sun goes down. well guess were the sun went down:P
behind the pitcher lol. you couldt see ball coming to plate to hit it!
we also had this problem with the championship game last year.

official umpire, tho he called a strike on me cuz he didnt see the ball, i did tho, about 5-10cm on the outside of the plate, we lost this game tho, still were champ. Now were playing 1 class higher. yay finally sum more competition for me , still not enough.

here another problem btw, from game last week!!
since im a pitcher, I get umpires that call balls wich are strikes wich makes me angry, well Im used to that now, know how to deal with it, get back, throw another strike( If u do so do it hard :P) forget last pitch!!
Now my teammates were going insane of this, there not used to this!!
how to calm ehm down, ane one have an idea? 1 guy olmost got send out of the game

Ooh steven, or ane one else who knows this

Can i tell our webadmin to add this site to links ^^?
sure right?

Ane one else has sum crazy baseball stories?
add ehm here

Okay, so we’re playing a game with Bridger Valley (about 1 hour away), it is snowing like crazy (Yeah that’s Wyoming for ya) and they make us play the game! I wasn’t pitching so I’m standing out in left field just freezing! My cleats were caked in ice and the center fielder has slush on the bottom of his cleats! My hands were numb, they score 3 runs because of walks, after the outs are finally made (2 by yours truly) we go in, the UMP calls the game before they have to take the field! So we freeze, they don’t and we have to reschedule the game.

Our last game we played is against our toughest competitors who happened to only have 4 people show up and they got most of our all-stars in the league to take their places. We lose 6-5 but, what’s this? WE WON! The opposing coach felt bad about having all the top notch guys and forfieted the game! We are now 7-0. I also got hit on the right buttcheek while batting!

After team pictures I acouple teammates and I are goofing around with the 11-12 year olds, I pitched to a few of them and it was the funniest thing in the world seeing them hack at my knuckle ball and look at me like “WTF?” :shock: . Half of them didn’t know what a k-ball was and 2 of them thought it was illeagle and told me not to throw it! :smiley: :smiley:

its not so much a crazy game as it is having a horrible ump. everything thrown within the catchers reach - STRIKE.

i was up with the count at 2-2, ball thrown and hit the plate - STRIKE 3


Well I love to play in Volunteer baseball its so much fun. Just playing games against other teams with your friends on but i hate losing. Well my team happened to be the worse team in the league.

So I didnt have a high school game and i was allowed to pitch. It was playoff time and guess what our first round game had ended in a tie. 10-10. Coin toss.

We won. WOW amazing we advanced from the coin.
So now we are playing the best team to go to the ship. Btw the kid who i grew up with got drafted yesterday to the phillies. He was on the opposing team. He was like I am going to destroy your team lol.

Mind you i had 3 kids who didnt know how to play, a deaf kid, and 3 other players that were average hitters.

I told them to have heart and not be afraid of this kid who btw threw 92mph

We ended up winning. I threw a 1 hitter struck out 15. But I got on base and the kids ended up scoring me in. We won:) And never played the ship due to all stars.

Yea he got drafted hopefully next year I could get my fastball up a few more mph and get picked up

We had a crazy one during the high school season. we had been having trouble with one team in our conference and lost to them 8-1 in the first game. Then we played them at home and started out terribly. our ace got shelled, I got shelled and our third pitcher got shelled. the score is now 14-2 in the bottom of the 5th. we scored 3 to keep the game going. then we put in our freshman lefty that throws maaaaybe 70-75. he gets a one-two-three inning. then the other team walks the bases loaded and we get 4 more runs. our froshy gets another 3 up 3 down inning. then we score 4 more runs in the bottom of the 6th to make it 13-14!!! then the lil guy strikes out 3 and walks one in the top of the 7th to shut them down! then the other team walked 2 more runs in! we ended up winning the game and eventually taking second in conference. Crazy Game!

This may not be exactly a crazy game but, I visited Utah a while ago which I do alot seeing as I’m just barely at the border into Wyoming.

In Moab, Utah the field that they play their games on would really be tough to play the outfield.

LF: Cemetery cuts in, pop up over 3rd counted a HR by the ump!

CF: Pine trees, 10 ft. pole sticking up in the middle and a hill going downwards with and opening under the fence, rolls unde I’d assume is a double.

RF: One pine tree and the track teams track goes through.

What a strange field eh?