Cramp in the shoulder

hey guys. ive been experiencing some cramps in my throwing shoulder (near the deltoid). The thing is it doesnt bother me when i pitch or toss. i get the cramps about 6 or 7 hours after i pitch sometimes. sometimes i dont get the cramp at all. its not like a minor cramp when i get them i cant even reach across my body with out a really tight feeling. ive only recently had them in like the past month or 2. just to let you know i did strain my deltoid pretty severly back in march and i didnt even start pitching again until mid june because i couldnt pitch (not even toss on consecutive days) without severe pain in the deltoid region. do u think its possible i get the cramps because of my injury back in march?? :?:


Have you been to a doctor lately? If not, you should.

Do you have a video of yourself throwing?

A mechanical problem could be the root cause of your problem.

yea ive got video of me throwing. i gotta figure out how to put it on the computer then post it. im gonna throw a bullpen on sunday so ill get video of that. the thing about my shoulder/deltoid is that i never had any problems with it until i injured it in practice diving for a ball. that never would of even happened had i not dove for a ball that was way out of reach to begin with. worst thing i ever did.

Are you sure it was your deltoid you injured back in March? Is that what is hurting now? If so, you may have injured something other than your deltoid. If not, you may be babying what you injured at the cost of some other part of your body which is now hurting. Either way, you should see a doctor.

I agree with you Roger it could be a babying type thing. In the back of his mind. Right after you pitch is your deltoid really tight?

it gets tight but not right after i throw or pitch. it gets tight (sometimes not at all) about 6 or 7 hours after. it limits the range of motion of my arm for a little while. example: its hard to reach across my body or lift my arm all the way above my head with out the extreme tightness.