Cramp in lat

I have one right now. Anyone know of any stretches to get it out? I cant think of any, and its hurting bad.

Try holding on to something over your head and pull your body away from whatever you are holding onto while keeping your hand up above your head. That should do it.

Im not so sure its even a cramp now. Its been there for 2 days. Im real stiff there.

now when ernie els finally wins a tournament u can do that stretch

Possibly the best place to be sore is the lat… Assumes good extension which means limited forearm flyout.

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A long time ago, quinine water … or tonic water as it’s called today… was a common thing that guys use to drink to reduce leg cramps. Aside from proper exercise and preperation for strength and conditioning in our sport … this drink was a common quick fixer and sometimes it worked.

Originally, tonic water (or Indian tonic water) is a carbonated soft drink flavored with quinine and its medicinal effects was against malaria, or so I’m told. Currently the amount of quinine is limited by the FDA … but again, some guys still swear by it.

I use to have leg cramps after long bus rides and sleeping accomodations that were spartan to say the least. I’d try pacing up and down the bullpen and even jogging up and down some stadium steps just to get the old blood going again… but the quinine water seemed to do the trick for me. There were brands called Sweet Life Foods, Finest Brands and Cott Beverages that use to have the water. They called it Tonic water… and it was usually used to mix drinks with.

I have no idea if this water is still available today. I haven’t used it in years.

From what I understand though… there is very little actual quinine in bottled tonic water anyway.

Coach B.