Craigslist or other Ideas

Hey everyone,

Had some concern about a few things. I am looking to go down to Florida shortly, staying approximately 4-5 months. Was just wondering if Craiglist is a good place to look for places to rent, if it’s safe or if there are other options?

Looking around the Pompano Beach/Ft. Lauderdale area.
Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


Look for long term stay hotel’s like Candlewood or Staybridge Suites etc.

The longer you stay the better you can negotiate a better deal, plus with those types of places a hot breakfast (7 days a week) and usually a hot dinner is included 3-5 nights per week. So that saves you some coin not having to eat out.

These places also come equipped with a full kitchen so you can buy groceries and cook rather then have to constantly eat out. As well as complimentary laundry again saving more coin.

Hope this helps.

I actually called a few of them in the area, and none of them would give me a monthly rate, which i found to be pretty retarded.

There is a couple extended stays that are fairly close by, but they were all like that…

Are you limiting yourself when it comes to places to stay? You might do well to talk to a realtor who deals with extended-stay, short-term rentals, in other parts of the state—and you might do well to avoid those coastal areas that are subject to hurricanes, tornadoes and other such disturbances. You could also talk to a police officer or sheriff’s deputy; they are well versed in safe areas, and you would want to keep that in mind. Just my 75 cents’ worth.

The league that I am looking to play in is located near Pompano beach, and I won’t be taking a vehicle down, so I don’t want to get too far away from the area.

But thanks for the suggestion of some other people to get feedback from.