Craig 12Y Pitch Analysis



Love the GS action in the first vid!!! We’ve got a GS…great dogs!!


I’d love some feedback on Craig if I could. He really took a step forward this year as he started to throw his change up more.


There is a lot to like with Craig. Obviously he has a lot more growing to do, but seems to do a good job of getting a lot out of his slimmer frame. The only thing I noticed was a soft glove side. I prefer the glove to swivel and stabilize to a firm position. With him it kind of hangs softly out front. I would bet he could add some velocity with that front side being more active.

The video seemed to skip quickly from his landing to release so it was hard to see anything late in the delivery.


thank you. One thing I got him to do which helped his control was just pick up the target before he pitched. I will work on him being more active with his glove side, thats a good point. It might pick up his velocity a little which would make his Change more effective.


One of the ways I have kids work on this is by having them do flat ground rocker drills with something weighted in the glove. If you have access to weighted baseballs, they work great. Start light then increase as he improves. You don’t want to go too heavy.


ok great, thanks for the ideas