Cracking/Popping the Elbow

Hello, it’s been a while since I’ve been on these forums but I couldn’t really find an answer pertaining to this issue, if it is an issue, and thought that maybe someone here might be able to make a suggestion or tell me what it is.

Junior year of high school about 4 years ago I pitched and for a time I had this pain that plagued my elbow. I went and saw the athletic trainer there and asked him if he could look at it. He tested the reflexes and what have you after I told him that I had a slight discomfort in the inside of my elbow, pinky finger side. He told me that I may have mild tendonitis and that I should have it checked. After pitching some more the pain disappeared and I’ve been fine ever since.

Before then and ever since I’ve been able to crack/pop my elbow by snapping my right arm out to hear a loud pop. I’ve had people say I should have it checked but it’s never caused any pain since junior year. Would anyone who’s had this experience or knows about it be able to tell me what it is or help me? From what I’ve read it has something to do with a thing called epicondolytis I think (SP?) I take Nolan Ryan’s mentality as president for the Rangers in that I don’t baby my arm and throw through what pain there might be and it’s helped so far. I just want to continue in a career in baseball and make sure this does not limit my full potential in the future.

If the pain’s gone away, then you’re probably fine. I had shoulder tendonitis and I pitched through it and then took some extended time off. And then I never had pain again.

I actually can do the same thing. I flexmy forearm and bicep and extend my arm while flexed I can make it pop very loudly. no pain though