Covering the Plate

I saw a fall ball game recently and I want to pass on my observations about pitchers covering the plate.

A runner was on second and a line drive got past the second baseman and by the time the right fielder woke up from stomping dandelions, the runner form second was rounding third for home. The fielder sends a rocket homeward and over the catcher’s head. The catcher couldn’t find the ball, kicking around some grass, while the batter runner was himself rounding second and heading for third. The pitcher seeing how far the catcher was behind the home plate area - and the batter runner now rounding third like the Cannonball Special, heads for the plate to cover.

To make a long story short, the pitcher takes this defensive stance just in front of the plate, receives the ball from the catcher, and at the same time turns his head and greets Casey Jones and this West Coast Special hauling *** right for him.
After the collision, the pitcher looked like a box of cornflakes left on the freeway.

The pitcher was taken out of the game and sat on the park bench, bent over in pain. He was then helped to his dad’s van and left they field.

Look, guys, if you’re playing the position of catcher, you’ve got protective gear and some coaching on how to protect yourself and the proper way of covering the plate. If you’re a pitcher, you have none of those things going for you.

If you have no idea of how to backup the plate properly and reasonably, ASK. First off, you are NEVER expected to sacrifice yourself covering the plate, and second, it would be nonsense to expect you to. You’re a pitcher - nothing more, nothing less.

I may have posted something similar to this, in the past.