Cousin loved college and minor leagues

My second cousin Chris Salamida thought collage really got him noticed by the Astros thats why he is now playing for Class A affiliate Salem Avalance.
He says get an education before baseball.

you really want to get an education before you go pro because if you get injured you have a backup plan.

exactly most players drafted out of HS are just looking for a quick buck so they’ll play until they get injured and will never recover then they end up working for a McDonalds.

Not familiar with the salem avalanche. I am in the northwest league right now and we play the salem-keizer volcanoes, never heard of the avalanche.

I am very happy that I went to college before going pro, I played 3 years of college ball and had 4 years of school under my belt. I am only 1 semester away from a Business Management/Administration degree if this doesn’t work out.

I recommend that people go to college first, unless you are getting 100K+ it is well worth it!

I f your not familiar with them then go to It’s in the Carolina League In Class A Advanced