Couple questions

What’s up

I’m new to the whole pitching thing, but it really intrigues me. I already have a style to throw and I’ve picked up a few pitches. The problem is I really don’t have anywhere to throw. I could go to a park or something, but then I’d have no one to catch and that’s the problem right now. I want to get better (get my command down, and velocity up) but I need to practice somewhere. Anyone have any suggestions, maybe somewhere you guys often practice?

i dont really understand what you mean. I haven’t given any personal information at all other then the fact that I’m new to pitching and I wanna know where to practice.

But anyways, all the summer leagues and teams for my school have started already, thats the main reason why I can’t figure out a way to pitch or just throw the ball around. My friends aren’t into baseball and the last thing they wanna do is catch my balls while I try getting some command, or whatever I’m attempting to do.

Baker what are you talking about lol?

i must have read that about 15 times over trying to make sense of it and came up with nothing

jmeks i have the same problem

nowhere to throw

i just wait for everyone to go out then throw in my living room against a sofa LOL

it works if ur room is more then 20 feet or so

the ball only travels a minimal ways but it gets your arm going

well i’m glad someone else agrees that that guy made no sense.

but anyways, yea I practice my house, but I don’t throw it. There’s quite a bit of windows and one slip up would be death at an early age. I usually just practice my motion, and outside i sometimes throw it at a fence, to kinda judge the feel and movement of some of my pitches.

I don’t know, maybe I can find a place that would be good for throwing and not having to go pick up my balls every couple minutes.

i was just outside throwing in the parking lot [i live in an apartment]
and the security guard came and took my ball :cry:

im going to go somewhere and film my motion to see if anyone can help

I was faced with the same problem until recently, I got myself a new pitch back in my backyard.

Coach baker is so weird…
like his rants about compression shirts too