Countrys and there baseball teams

I wuz watching the world port. I noticed sum difference in the teams.

as for the cubans, they tend to have more hitting power, and be nasty with stealing bases etc. dont seem to have reall good pitchers tho.
otherway around for like taiwan korea etc.
well the dutch, i think there just average overal, and bit better at pitching.

I did notice in OUR leaugea, teh pitchers stink! I’m best pitcher of the leaugea(doh i acually have the skills to play higher but wouldnt get me anywhere YET! so sticking with my team, to play 1 class higher)

pitcher dont throw that fast, mostly change ups and fastballs

3-4 pitchers tend to think they CAN throw a curve, most dont even get close to the plate, or just hang in front of the plate, few seconds later ends up back @ the fence lol.

here in holland , in my opinion, theres more attention to batting and fielding(in our leaugea that is) im lucky getting lots of pitch training from few good trainers ^^