Counter rotation of upper body


I was wondering what peoples thought were on counter rotation of the upper body, an extreme example would be Mad Bum or randy johnson. It seems like a good way to create extra hip to shoulder separation but it seems like it could increase arm stress. What are peoples thoughts on it, I am thinking of giving it a try as I am very lanky with long arms.


Counter-rotation works for some. As you said, it can aid separation. It can also aid timing. But, since you said you are lanky with long arms, my concern for you would be whether or not you have the functional strength to manage that extra movement and stabilize your posture through your delivery.


The meaningful separation is when your hips are rotating forward and not the initial counter-rotation. Counter rotation doesn’t automatically improve separation. It can influence timing positively or negatively depending upon what your current delivery looks like.
Counter rotation isn’t automatically bad either, some people can manage it, but most can not be efficient with it.

My take on it is this: If your timing is good with it, I’d leave it alone. If your timing is off and you have counter rotation in your delivery, I would work to eliminate it. If you don’t have it, I wouldn’t add it.