Could you Donate eqipment for me

Hi im 13 years old about to go in baberuth but i love pitching and catching but my coauch said if i want to catch tht i would have to but my own catching gear but my parents cant buy tht for me right now so could u plz pm me for my adress ty or anything you dont use anymore i will greatly accept.


Brandon, sorry I dont have any equipment that isn’t being used but my suggestion would be to try craigslist, make a post in the “sporting for sale” section, and the section that says “for sale free”. Be specific about your situation and ask if anyone would be willing to loan or donate to you equipment.

Thanks for telling me but im not allowed on craigslist ever since tht person but thanks buwhite and did u get your son pitching a knuckle curve and thabks

I did but haven’t gotten the video onto the Mac, planning to this weekend. Talk to your parents about putting a post up with you on craigslist, in my area it does really work when you are looking for gear.

I have an idea could u post it then when it gets sent to u,you sen it to me? :?: :?: :?:

If your parents don’t agree with it I don’t see why I would get involved for you, at times your posts seem a bit fishy! I am a parent myself and respect that relationship.

mk ty (fishy) ??? :wink: