Could use some help please!

OK I just got done with 4 pitching lessons and my mom told me to take a week off to see if I make Varsity. OK so now I made Varsity and I have enough money for 4 lessons but I’m stuck in a predicament. I still what to take pitching lessons but I also what to take fielding lessons. Which ones should I take. My mechs are already to my coaches liking (pitching coach) but my HS coach want to put me in at 3B or 2B once and a while but I have no idea how to play those positions. Should I take fielding lessons or pitching lessons?

Honestly, I’d ask my teammates about fielding. Take some extra ground balls too in your spare time (throw a tennis ball against a wall or something). You’ll probably find yourself doing some infield drills in practice that will help you too. If you are really focused on getting lessons, I guess I’d go w/ pitching or hitting. I learned a lot from my teammates though, even from watching them. Make some friends and let your teammates know you wanna learn and win- ask for pointers/ “rule of thumb”/ whatever.


And congratulations on making varisty


yeah if you are a bad fielder, lessons won’t do it for you, you need reps. Get your butt low, glove out in front of you, bring the ball into your belt. Work on it! You need lots of reps, not lessons…

im a great fielder last year on modified they wanted me to play SS cause in practice I’d get every grounder but I liked catcher better but now my knees are to bad for catcher so here comes 3B or 2B