Could use some help LHP mechanics video


I’'ve seen some improvement in some of the things I’m working on, but still trying to get everything out of my lower half with hip and shoulder separation. My velocity is getting higher but any advice on things you see I’m doing wrong or some drills to correct it would be awesome. Happy Easter


Having such a low elbow position would be limiting I think. Not throwing sidearm but having he elbow below the shoulder would lead to sort of “pushing” the ball I think.
But, others can comment on mechanics a heck of a lot better than I can.


In #1, your weight is to your left too much by your upper body compounded by stride leg leg.
In #2, you continue this weight to your left and your body is anticipating this sift, but now going
forward. Thus your stride leg is “walking outside” your stride path.
In #3, your stride path is open to the extent that your entire body is now walking to your left,
not to your target.
In #4, you now throwing across yourself, you stride leg is now compensating for this "off-balance"
by leaning back to your glove side.


Thanks Coach Baker your the man