Correct release

Can anyone describe the correct release for a fastball?
it never feels right when i throw mine
it might be my grip though

Two seem or four?

For me, my two seem is best when it rolls out of my hand, if that makes sense. My thumb, index and middle finger end up touching eachother and if somebody were to be upside down and see it, it would look as though I were giving the international give me money symbol. Different things work better for different people. This probably doesn’t answer your question however, as I wouldn’t be able to describe a “correct way” to release a fastball. This way just gives me the best results and has my catcher commending me afterward. I’m still just starting to learn the art but it was my success with my two seem that convinced to keep pursuing pitching and thus is one of the few areas where I feel my insight would be at least somewhat helpful.

four seam