Correct Mechanics?


I am a 6’ 1”, 165lb sophomore in high school. I only started pitching about a year ago, but I have seen an increase from 71-83 MPH (clocked in early April- haven’t been since then).Naturally, going into the spring season, I had a ton of confidence, and was looking forward to just going out and blowing the ball by most of the competition I faced (I go to a very competitive prep school in the Northeast, so I was on JV). However, once the season started, I injured my back lifting, and it affected my mechanics; for some reason I kept dragging my back foot, and bringing my arm slot abnormally low. Going into the summer, I will be attending a bunch of showcases, particularly for academically strong colleges such as the Ivies and a few others. My biggest issue seems to be consistently- sometimes my dad clocks me in the high 70s, but sometimes I throw low-mid 70s. In game I don’t have this problem (adrenaline?) and I can hit low 80s, but I haven’t pitched since mid May and I want to make sure I’m consistent going into this pivotal summer. Any opinions?

Quick side note- I’m also a little concerned about initial arm mechanics-I will attach a few videos if this post gets attention and a few replies- but is there any general rule about arm slot?

It’s difficult to say much without knowing the nature of your injury, what your recovery process/rehab entailed, what your delivery looked like before the injury and what it looks like now.

To answer your last question, all possible arm slots have been used though, of course, some more frequently than others.