Correct/Incorrect Statement About Shoulder Rotation?

Would it be correct to say upper body rotation should not occur until after front foot plant? Assuming the stride length is a constant distance. The stride distance I’ll monitor by painting a strip on the mound. Video taping my 10 yo and trying to determine timing. Thanks.

Ideally, shoulder rotation occurs after front foot plant.

Determine what timing, the timing of when he rotates his body, when he transfers his weight or what exactly are you looking for? I am a little confused over the “Strip” on the mound, I would assume you are just trying to develop consistent timing.

Strip on the mound is to measure a consistent stride length.

So much of stride length is determined by the other mechanic though, don’t get too bound up in making sure that the stride length is always the same, all mechnics prior to the footplant are so much more importatant than making sure it’s always the same…just my thoughts.

Before getting too wrapped up in correct stride length, the mechanics getting to the stride and foot plant need to be addressed. If these are correct, then shoulder rotation will occur after foot plant and the stride length should be acceptable.

Keep in mind that the longer he stays closed through the stride will also determine stride length and help with shoulder rotation after foot plant.

I think “turn 22” said it so much better than I did, thank you sir.

LOL, Your welcome. I ddn’t even realize I posted the same info. Wasn’t trying to steal your thunder, bro.

I was being totally real…you did say it so much better! Keep posting.