Corkscrew knuckleball

there is a article on here that is a corkscrew knuckleball does it actually move like a corkscrew?

That was mine. It really does have that kind of movement. Read the article. This is probably harder to do than just a knuckleball but it can be done, Hoyt Wilhelm, Charlie Hough and Simon Ferrer are the ones that do it, I think Ray Dickey does too. Wilhelm learned it and passed it on to Hough and Hough passed it on to Dickey and Ferrer, word of it got out on knuckleballhq and we figured it out.

we meet again grrrr but ty you now how to throw it?

Yes I know how to, read the article it’ll tell you exactly how to. You need to get a hold of the knuckleball before you can start throwing this one though.

Check Knuckleball HQ for a lengthy discussion about this pitch, Ian.

I’ve learned to throw a pretty good corkscrew by accident. When I was messing around with the knuckleball for awhile I would pronate naturally causing it to corkscrew.