Core Workout


When I do my ab workouts for my core, I bring my elbows up to touch my knees when they come in towards my chest while on my back. Something that I’ve noticed recently was when I started doing this workout BEFORE my regular workout like arms and chest I don’t really seem to feel it like I usually do afterwards. By feeling it, I mean that tightness the day after. Before, I had done the abs after my workouts. The only reason I had changed was because I thought that if I got it out of the way it’d be a lot easier and give me that tightness I like to feel in my arms and chest. Do ab workouts show less results when done before a workout then after?


Well just by lifting weights, you are using some of your core, which might start getting your abs a bit worked up before you actually work them. That could be it.


Well I mean I do abs before the workout now.


I know. By doing your abs AFTER the rest of your body, they may already be fatigued a bit which might make them more sore the next day. By doing them BEFORE the rest of your workout, they are fresh, and might not get as fatigued.


Is it a problem that I don’t feel that same tightness that I used to though?


If you have been doing this for a while maybe your just getting in shape?
That would explain it if your muscles are growing the usual amount of work and reps might not do enough for them.


No I should have clarified I’ve been working out since I was 13 and work in the off-seasons as well as during the season. It’s just it feels flabby in the core when I do abs before the workout as opposed to after.


I workout tuesday and thursdays, resistant bands workout on saturday, do my abs on monday wednesday and friday, and rest on sunday.