Core Work

Check out this website on yoga. As you can see it is gaining ground in popularity in all baseball ranks!!

Jaeger and Vatcher run a pre-spring training camp for professional players each year. I was talking to one of the pro’s I ran into this weekend who was doing the camp for the first time. He was surprised at what an intense workout the yoga was.

There’s a lot of mental training as well as the throwing workouts at the camp.

One year I stopped by with my son and a pitcher we knew who had a relatively poor season the previous year was throwing a pen. While I was there they picked up something he was doing to tip his pitches. That season and the next he was one of, if not the best pitcher in the minor leagues and made a successful MLB debut.

I ran across an interesting article on pilates/yoga and the Milwaukee Brewers. Apparently, they are one MLB team that incorporates this into their strength and conditioning programs. According to Baseball America, the Brewers from 2003-2005 had the fewest players on the disabled list. Check out the following resources: