Core - That's it

All I want are some different suggestions for core exercises to help improve velocity. If anyone who actually throws hard can suggest something, that would also be great. If you can, some numbers in terms of repetitions and sets would be good.

I wouldn’t call myself a seasoned weight lifter, but I’ve started working out more in the past few months. I’m about 5’ 10’’, probably around 110 lbs (I haven’t weighed myself in a while…) and I’m 15 years old.

If you no anybody at the gym ask for something to do some trunk lifts. They keep your lower back really strong good for explosiveness when coming down. There basically done by crossing ur arms over your chest and then bringing your body down and bringing up ur upperbody with your trunks. Id suggest using no weights to start off to losen up the back start with 3 sets of 20. Youll feel the first couple days. I do them every other day and as you began to get more comfortable at a 10 pound weight 25 etc. Youll feel a different in your hips and trunk and should see some improvement in the Heater.