Core Strengthing

Lately I’ve been taking a strength training class. I’ve been doing a lot of situps (on the decline board with weights ranging from 5-35 lbs. on my chest). The front of my stomach is getting pretty hard (and I’m starting to get a six pack 8) ). My problem is that the sides of my stomach are still pretty mushy. Does anyone have any tips for strengthing the sides of my core?

side planks, russian twists (they have lots of names, also V twists), elbow to opposite knee situps- on flat ground or decline board, wood choppers on high pulley.

oblique ab workouts

what i do alot is i’ll do situps and then twists on a decline bench holding a medicine ball until i’m completely spent and my entire stomach will be burning

Another thing I do is hold heavy DB’s and bend over to the side, and alternate. I’ll bend to the side till my arm extends to about my knee…this may be “side planks”, i dont know everything has many names nowadays

Side Planks

hold for 30 seconds on each side.

What you’re thinkin’ of is called side bends. Personally, it’s one of my favorite ab exercises.