Core Strength Training

Not exactly sure on what I should be doing for core training. I have a “six-pack” but my core is definitely no where near as strong as it could be. We get workouts from our trainer, but we only have lift two days a week during the summer and we start about each lift with five minutes of core training per session - not enough for a pitcher. Crunches get boring and do not target the whole core - it’s more of a “look good” exercise. I know Swiss balls can be used somewhat effectively, but I’m not even sure where to begin. Any and all help is appreciated.

I went searching way back in time to find this article. Best I have ever seen on strengthening the core.

Good Luck

I like the use of medicine balls, you can cary in exercise and as your strength improves you can change the weight and keep it effective and providing results.

Check this out with different exercises:

Your core should be worked during nearly every exercise while you are in the weight room. Your core has to hold your body in good position to complete the exercises. This is one of the main mistakes I see people make wihle lifting. You never isolate your abs/core when you play baseball so it doesn’t need to be trained this way.

Hey Mike, just wondering. What do you think of doing some workouts on those core strength balls they have. Our weight room at school has them and that’s where i do my abs on but I know you can do some upper body excercises on them because your abs hold to hold you steady which gives them a good workout. Just curious.

I suggest you do everything you can while standing up. Some things you can’t do while standing, like bench press, and the stability balls are a great option for benching. If you get a chance, go to my website, click on the exercise info link on the left. I have a lot of exercises that will help you work your core if you follow the instructions. Let me know if you have questions on any of the exercises.