Core/shoulder workout for pitchers

have just created a core work out for pitchers if you want it email me at or post i want one and tell me your email adress.
I also have alot of good exercises for the shoulder is anyone want them.

…after reading some of your responses on this forum, this worries me. Why don’t you post the program here before you go around prescribing it for others?

its on a microsoft word format and idk how to uploead it onto this web site if someone could help me i would.

Cut and paste (ctrl+c to cut, and ctrl+v to paste).

i just tryed and it didnt work im srry but the only way i can get it to you with pictures of exercises are by email or if you have aim/aol. Im srry but it will not let me do it.
Will not show the pic’s

If you want, you can email it to me, and I can post it on here?

Email listed in profile… Wait, nevermine, it doesn’t show in there… hmm… pm sent…

does anyone still want it?

i would like to see it. my email is

i sent it to you.
Do you have aol/aim?

[quote=“RIstar”]does anyone still want it?[/quote]ill take a look,

me too. mine is

my aim is Jay21328

If one of you can post it, post it!

steve im going to make a better one in the upcoming weeks ok

I’d like to take a look as well: