I’m 6-2, 150. I have horrible coordination, but have picked up the pitching motion. Will i be able to pick up more motions. im 13

Yes. Coordination and athleticism are closely related … work on your athleticism and your coordination will improve. And vice versa. There are some training strategies in TUFFCUFF, such as the agility exercises (cone drills and dot drills, for instance), plyo exercises, balance exercises, and even jump rope exercises that could help you.

Some of the finest pitchers that I’ve coached, started off just like yourself.

For them, and I’m sure yourself, the growth process Vs athletic ability has
a merging point in the future that’s a real pain to deal with right now. In fact while scouting a player in Vermont, I saw a youngster on a playing field next to the one that I was watching, a youngster that had the most brittle body style that I’ve ever seen. His center of gravity was up around his chest… no make that at the base of his neck, and his arms weren’t exactly working well together, nor was his stride and overall balance.

He, like yourself was in his early teens, but I knew talent when I saw it. And for that youngster… a few years to grow on, a lot of good food, a reasonable workout, ….and wall-la… one pitcher deluxe. He was fourteen when I saw him in a CYO league, and each year I quietly made a progress card on him and by his seventeenth birthday I knew more about this young man than his parents did…. (about baseball anyway).

A very good friend at a great college here in New England was going to need some heaters just about the time this young man was graduating. The match was perfect.

So look, your motor skills and overall ability in any sport will come about, but for you tall guys… it’s going to be later than sooner. But when it does come all together… you’re going to leave a lot of other guys in the dust…. really. So concentrate on the stuff that’ll get you there. A good diet, plenty of water each day, good sleep habits, reasonable exercise, road work (jogging), and above all a solid breakfast… no exceptions. Also, when you get a cold, flu or other illness, take care of yourself. Sickness can knock all the hard work that you’ve done right to the ground.

Best wishes with your baseball experience.

Coach B.

Hi slurve22,

I agree with everything that has already been said. As you get older, you will grow into your body and develop better coordination. Keep practicing and you will get there.

Jack Elliott
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