Cool Down Station

Cooling Stations
are nothing more than buckets of water, placed strategically around the field, so fielders and coaches can cool down during the day. These stations are not for drinking but for splashing water over the head, face and arms. A stack of cloth towels is usually placed next to the bucket. These towels can be supplied by the players or by the club. I should mention that paper towels are not suitable for this.

If a club has an equipment manager, her/she usually has a large water container that’s wheeled out onto the field and the buckets hang from the cart. If not, simply take a couple of two liter soda bottles and fill with water, place the soda bottles in the bucket for easy carrying, then empty the water from the soda bottles into the bucket once the bucket is place on the field for use.

In any event, keeping your body regulated during the hot and muggy days of summer is mandatory.

Coach B.