Convincing A Teammate To Stop Copying Mechanics

one of my teammates, is trying to copy tim lincecum, and I want talk him out of it.
What do you say to players, that want to have the exact mechanics as a PRO?

“hey dumby your not lincecum and your screwing up your mechanics”

and then, get on with worrying about you.
You aren’t his coach. If he wants to…well you have figured it out and when he gets serious about pitching he’ll figure it out as well. Can’t save the world on this King, so you may as well save your breath and frustration. He’s your team mate support him…that doesn’t mean kiss his butt, it just means that there is no point thats good for you in this (You either look like an over bearing guy…or a know it all)…make him want to copy your mechanics by being a leader and a team leader and focus on success. How would you like someone being all up on you? I know you are a bigun and not much chance of that happening, but try to put yourself in his place…he’s got dreams and his ideal is Lincecum, all right…at least it isn’t Nancy Pelosi…could you imagine trying to pitch like her?? Wow was that random or what (Nancy Pelosi is from the area in which King lives so he may have heard of her…read a book :wink: )?? :shock: You get my point though…whatever :roll: and go on.

Again, the Cincinnati Reds and their pennant scramble. They had a pitcher who was trying to copy Robin Roberts. The trouble was that the Robin Roberts he was trying to copy was the pitcher who was on his last legs, who was getting belted from here to Timbuktu and back, not the Robin Roberts of old who had been such a great pitcher. His teammates were attempting to talk him out of this, but with not much success.
And thereby hangs a tale. What you want to do is find your own style, your own mechanics, and work with that. 8)

You can copy sucessful pitchers to a certain point. Since you cant copy wis mindframe it is impossible to really “copy” a pitchers or hitters mechanics. But he might discover a few mechanical steps to help his game. If we could “copy” mechanics everyone would pitch like Nolan Ryan and swing like Barry Bonds. He will find out one of two ways about copying players. The hard way(getting ripped or injured) or the easy way using someones leg drive or trunk expolsion and mixing pitches to get players out. Let him succed or fail on his own terms if he is not receptive to what you or the coaches tell him. If he doesn’t “copy” Lincecum and fails now he will blame you.

What do you mean by that?

No JD i dont read much, thats why I suck at reading. All read is stuff that will help me in baseball, or stories from other players that are inspirational.


I mean I don’t think you’d like someone doing the same to you, though because you are a large guy there isn’t much chance of it. Sorry, you keep telling me what an academically sound person you are and I go assuming that means all aspects (My fault). I’ll try not to get too complicated in the future.


In racket sports, this is sometimes successful, but it isnt copying a guy you admire, it copying the same body type that you are.

This is very prevelent in table tennis where the strokes [size=18][/size] be correct everytime or the ball goes off the table.

The legendary Chinese teams often take a guy who is very talented but not a top talent guy, set him in a room with VCR and have him copy another world class player (of the same body type) that the chinese team will play against. That way the world team could acclimate to his strokes.The thing that they found was some of their practice players got better playing different styles…and eventually made it on the world team.

So back to baseball if the guy has Linecum type stuff (and body type and mechanics) he might be a good guy to copy, but if the guy throws like Tom Glavine he’s wasting his time…Ian.