Convering into a knuckleballer?

The thought graced my mind today. I don’t have overpowering velocity at all for my age. I’m a big dude, not overweight though. I’m seriously considering it. I’ve screwed around with one during just catch and stuff. My catching partner said a few of them have been pretty sick but definately needs improvement.

My coaches look down on the knuckleball, so I don’t know how to convert into one if they don’t really like the idea.

How do I know if it’s the right decision to try and convert into one or not??

  1. Better look at Knuckleball HQ, it is in Steve’s links. They have a livel forum.

  2. Buy the kncukleball book.

keep working on your other pitches as well, Ian.

Read the knucklebook and join knuckleballhq they have great information on there, it requires a lot of work though so be prepared.

if your considered a big guy i wouldn’t go to a knuckleball id learn to throw with velocity. like you said coaches look down on it so why learn it? obviously you think they wont play you for lack of velocity so why learn something you know they wont like. keep working out your mechanics

Jake makes a great point even though there is a real big guy I know of that switched to being a knuckleballer Jared Fernandez in the Japan league. Still though you prolly just want to work on conventional stuff.

I’d say to try it out. Worst case scenario is it doesn’t work and you scrap it. If it does work, you can use it as an offspeed pitch and throw it every once in a while or more.

As I’ve gotten older and my arm has hurt me more, pitching a knuckleball has helped me pitch more than I would have without it.

how big is this jared fernandez guy?

nevermind i got it

Develope your pick off moves, slide step, and all other ideas that deal with keeping runnners close to base!!!Ian.