Controlling yourself

Hey guys. I just had a terrific game.

This was our Opening Day andwe started it off against the defending champions.
I was the scheduled starter.

I did well and so did our team. I held them to 5 Runs over 8 1/3 with 2 ER.
I took some velocity off my fastball and tried to go with more movement. I only had 3 Ks on the outing but I had a looooot of Ground Balls and Popups.

But suddenly, on the last inning with 1 man out I simply lost control…
I walked a guy, then walked another one.
Here is when I think I lost the focus totally:

They had guys at 1B and 2B. The count was 2-1. And I threw a ball making it 3-1. The guy at 2B lost the count and started to run to 3B. I saw it and threw the ball to 2B but I made an error and threw it to CF trying to rush the throw because the guy noticed it and was getting back to 2B.
Result: They scored 1 run. Then I walked 2 more. And then they hit a double.

The Game was 14-5 for us, by the time I finally left the mound the game was 14-10.
We had to rush and get someone to warmup. So we called up the other pitcher and he walked 2 guys making it 14-12 and the base was loaded.

He got the next guy to popup to the catcher. And then he struck out the last one looking!
It was amazing, we ended up winning the game 14-12.

But the thing is I couldn’t finish my game…

I think a lot of things got to me, like the umpire blowing some calls, my error, the guys were clearly leaning into the plate to try to make me throw more balls and they wouldn’t swing until I proved I could still throw strikes.

The major thing is that we got the Win but any advice to me?

I say just forget about that last inning. whether you want to admit it or not, you were probably just physically spent at that point. Feel good about your performance through the first 8 innings. you’re 1-0.