Controling pitches

I’ve been having trouble lately hitting my spots and keeping the ball down but it hasent hurt me to badly because I can overpower hitters and I have a good curve but I’m not satisfied with my control. Ive been giving up more walks than Im used to and was wondering if anyone knew any ways to work on my control. I would say I have above average mechanics but I cant spot my fastball, please help me before I face teams that I cant just overpower

It’s tough to say anything without seeing you pitch but mechanics flaws lead to an inconsistent release point which results in inconsistency in hitting spots.

Poor control most often is mechanical and grip oriented. However, sometimes not thinking so much about things when you’re out there on the mound helps, too. And what do you do and think about before the game and in between innings? What are you visualizing? Do you see yourself making “perfect” pitches or failing? Positive thinking goes a long way in pitching.

If you’re still having trouble, talk to you coach about your mechanics, video tape a performance and sit down with your coach to review it, and pick up a copy of “The Mental Game of Baseball,” by H.A. Dorfman. I’ve got a link to it on my “Books” Web page on my main website.

Keep us posted on your progress.