Controling Emotions

My 9 yr old son is an outstanding little ball player, he has a hitting form that you could teach from and as a left hand pitcher is nearly unhittable.
His biggest problem is controling his emotions. He leads his team in batting average, yet if he gets out or makes an error he gets upset and tears up. He is not a spoiled kid, what do you suggest to get past this.

I actually saw this once at a youth game (T-ball) and it was really funny and instructional at the same time.

A youngster hits a fly ball in the air and it’s caught. He (batter) then starts to tear up and lowers his head. It didn’t take long before his journey made it back to the bench with a face full of tears, his hands covering his face and a wimper or two.

His coach got the ball that the youngster hit, and put another ball in play so the game could continue.

His coach gave the youngster the ball that he hit and said the ball was very, very sorry for not helping him out. In fact, the ball told him it was the ball’s fault. So, the ball would understand if he didn’t like him (ball). Also, if the youngster wanted to take the ball home and teach it a lesson, that was OK too.

The coach handed the ball to the youngster and said that it was only fair.

Now this coach didn’t do this in front of everybody, nor did he make a big deal out of it. But what he did do was to take a majic marker and drew a sorry frown face on the ball, that the youngster saw when he turned the ball over. A smile came to the young man’s face and he tossed the ball to his mom on the side.

What happen next was funny. The same young man flied again to the same exact spot and a catch was made. After coming back to the bench, the youngster looked at the coach, held out his hand and asked if he could have that ball too. It was to keep the other ball as a friend becasue he (ball) was sad. His coach shook his head no, and said his first ball only needed one friend - and he (the youngster) was it. It’s what friends do to help one another.

The coach then pointed to everyone on the bench, sitting on the grass, chasing butterflies and whatever T-ball youngsters do. He said that their all your friends, and you theirs. So lets all help each other out there.

I can honestly say that no one, and I mean no one really paid any attention to that speech - only the youngster that needed it.

Coach B.

Coach B.

great story what really amazes me is 2 fly balls caught in little league in the same game sometimes when i am on the hill i feel that i cant get 2 balls caught and we are a AAA team LOL