Im a big left handed pitcher with a lot of movement, the only problem is I have almost to much movement my 4 seam fastball wont even go straight, it likes to break in to lefties and away from righties, I dont mind the movement sometimes the only problem is when I want to paint the outside corner I usually miss becuase of that movement. Any suggestions as to rid the movement from my 4 seamer?

I know the ball will move no matter what, but I have trouble hitting targets with the way the ball moves.

any pointers would be helpfull.

if the movement is consitent throw it in the middle of the zone and its gonna drop right back on the corner.

You simply have to find out how much the ball actually moves and change your target accordingly. Talk to your catchers, find out where they think you should start the ball to keep it in the zone.

Movement is not a bad thing as long as you know what you’re doing with it. Since you have such a strong tailing action, you really need to focus on keeping the ball down in the zone. When the ball is down, there will also be some sink in addition to the tail, and there you have a nice solid sinker. A ball moving down and away is much harder to hit than a ball just moving away.

I believe it was Jim Palmer who referred to it as “Theory of Deviation” … throw it down the middle and let it find its own corner. Over the years I have found that with some pitchers this actually makes alot of sense.