Control Problems


I am a RHP only 14 years old, I recently starting pitching because my coach wants me to switch from outfield to pitcher since I have good accuracy throwing people out at home. So, after some years of studying mechanics from chris I got everything down.

I have a fastball that clocks around low 80s usually 77 on average.
Working on a sinker, slider, cutter, and changeup. I have horrible control problems. I can’t practice all the time since I live in New York… So I have to find a indoor pitching facility I haven’t found one since.

Well, I didn’t have much accuracy I didn’t like it when my pitches went all the way down the pipe. I wanted them to touch the corners. And sometimes the ball would just be crazy…

I don’t what but is there any drills or advice on what I’m doing wrong.

I’m starting to like pitcher I was very excited when I stroke out somone :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


First of all, welcome! Post some video. That’s the best way to get some feedback on your control issues. It’s always mechanical … and sometimes mental :slight_smile:


I have a guess but I’m not sure without video. It could be a release point issue or it could be a problem with flying open/your toe not pointing towards your target at all.