Control Problems

i having major control problems right now
i have trouble having one consistent arm angle(iam a lefty)
some days i do great and i have great control other days i do horrible hot any advice

is it mental, or are you throwing everyday and your arm is getting tired

Control is a major hurdle for many pitchers, especially developing ones. I am faced with control issues with the new pitching staff I have been training this off-season. In fact, when we first started throwing in the gym in January I was worried my ears wouldn’t be the same after hearing the BOOM!! every thing a ball hit our metal bleachers. But, things got better.

I have never seen your pitching motion so my knowledge of your physical issues are limited, but I will ask you a question,“Are you looking at your target?” It sounds simple, but think about it for a second. Where does your eyes go during your delivery? Down? Up? To the side? Harvey Dorfman, the author of The Mental Aspects of Baseball, asked his pitcher after a bad outing the same question. The pitcher replied he looked at the target every time. Well, Mr. Dorfman asked,“What color was the catcher’s glove???” The pitcher had no idea. Well, if your are so focused and concentrated on a target for 80-90 pitches a game, you would have to have the catcher’s glove burned in your brain.

The next time you throw “look” at the target. See if it makes a difference.

Good Luck…

I’ll add on to what CoachKreber said. In addition to keeping your eyes on the target, also make sure your head moves only toward the target. It should not move side to side. It should not move back toward 2B. And it should not have any significant up or down movement.