Control Problems?

Since i usually hav no one to pitch to outside of practice, i made a strike zone like in the batting cages. I don’t know why, but i seem to have control problems when i pitch to it; i have like 30% control. But when i pitch to the catchers mit, i hav the best control in the rotation. Is this a problem? Can i fix it? Why does this happen?

LoL me too. Just a mental thing though.

We were playing home run derby with no catcher(shortage of players) in a small middle school. I was pitching my nice and easy 30 mph warm up pitches and i couldnt get em in. i was laughing like crazy. After a bit I started to imagine each batter’s swings and threw it right into the core of the bat. Hitting a target you’re now used to is hard. I suggest throwing at EVERYTHING. Then aiming will just be aiming.

Thats also a thing you have to get into you’re head. Trying too hard to pitch a certain place is your downfall. Relax. play catch with the target. start up closer and move your way back if you need to (thats what i do).,

don’t try too hard to be relaxed either… i know it sounds stupid but i’ve done it lol.

good luck. remember PLAY CATCH! then slowly pitch like you were warming up. Then work up to your hot zone.