Control problems while kicking it up a knotch

when i try to kick up my velocity i lose control
i think its because i rush

when im throwing at about 80% i can throw my fastball straight
when i try to get my velocity up it breaks down


This is likely because you are messing up your timing. Build to it, get your body in the best possible condition and your mechs as efficient as you can, then build to more velocity through serious Jaeger Oriented long toss, core strengthening, and working off of a mound at game intensity when you are attempting to increase velo. The biggest thing to keep in mind is that at footstrike you still need to be equal and opposite and in the power position…if you aren’t then your body has to make an effort to correct, either by clearing the head, or any number of other corrective measures…this adversely effects the attempt for velo and screws you up as far as accuracy and velocity…as well as sapping energy. This is why when I hear a poster say something along the lines of just trying to throw harder…your body has to be ready for the velocity jump…if not you may have to worry about injury…always build in a measured and balanced way. If it is worth doing it’s worth putting the effort into it to do it properly and safely…nothing will be over-night…but planned properly you certainly can acheive a very definate velocity improvement.

How often do you workout? And how intense are your workouts?

i dont workout

i just sprint/jog/run
lift dumbells
do pushups & sit ups every night
ride my bike about a mile every other day
and throw everyday

You get good at what you practice, specifically. If you practice at 80%, you get good at throwing 80%. If you’re on flat ground, you’ll get good at throwing on flat ground. Now, change those parameters. This is new stuff all of a sudden. You haven’t practiced it. Some of the stuff you did practice doesn’t transfer to this new environment.

So, like jd said, you need to be “…working off of a mound at game intensity…” Practice what you’re going to be expected to do and don’t expect yourself to be able to make it magically happen if you don’t.