Control Problems/Landing Closed

Over the years, one of my strongest assests on the bump was my great control, barely ever walking anyone. But this year there are times where i just cant hit the zone and my walk totals are unusually high.

I’ve noticed that i land closed, could this be what is causing my inconsistancy? or what could it be? and also, how can i work on landing straight? (even when i try to land open, to exaggerate it, i still land closed)

thanks in advance

HYour inconsistency could be due to any number of reasons. And there might be multiple reasons.

As for your landing closed, do you mean your foot is pointing to the throwing hand side of the rubber or that you stride to the throwing hand side (or both)?

A few things I’ve found to help :

  • If you’re not there already, slide your pivot foot out towards the end of the throwing arm side of the rubber . Now , I know that you will turn on the tv today and see several of the good guys that do just the opposite, but in my own personal experience I have found this to help me ( and young pitchers that I’ve worked with ) to open up properly.

  • In the bullpen, begin your session with the catcher setting up well off the plate ( outside ). I really like to do this to encourage getting a good turn and complete weight shift to front leg .

  • Play proper catch…it’s amazing how many “pitching” issues you can cure by just playing a good 'ol game of catch the right way ! When you’re down the leftfield line with your teamates warming up, insure you are stepping to your target, have a mental picture of a straight line to your target and condition yourself step on that line. Good habits, as well as bad ones, become repeatable !

Amen brother!!!
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Hard to believe that the simple little things can make it so much better…but it is so true.