Control of my pitches

I had a friend come over today and I pitched to him and I threw almost every pitch a strike, with mostly my fastball but some change ups and I have great control of them, whats the easiest pitch thats a breaking ball that I can throw? I wanna learn a breaking ball :slight_smile:


I feel like we’ve gone over this before 8)

I know but know I have great control of my fastball and chnge up so I wanna learn a breaking ball, can I?

What is your definition of GREAT control? Seems to me that there are few pitchers on this planet that have great control of their fastball let alone their changeup.

Also, throwing one night with your buddy doesn’t quite cut it, great control would be against batters, spotting fastballs, and having guys out in front of your change-up.


Your question about how to throw a curveball was answered in your Oct 13 thread titled “Curveball”.

If you disagree with what you saw there, why don’t you say what it was that you didn’t understand.

If you feel that you need permission to throw a curveball, you’ll have to ask your dad.