Control HELP!

im going to be a sophomore this year so my freshman year was my first year pitching for high school. in little league i could always hit my spots and was VERY accurate. during high school this year i havent been able to hit my spots at all and my past two times ive pitched ive been walking people or hitting people or throwing wild pitches all the time.

Im thinkin that it could be my release point, where i land when i drive off the mound, or just mental things

Does anyone know of maybe another reason or how i can improve these things?

Could be lots of reasons. Was your freshman year the first time you throw off a 60’ mound? Could be a lack of practice and conditioning pitching at that distance.

Could be mental. Did your coach(es) put a lot of pressure on you? Did you put a lot of pressure on yourself?

Could be mechanics. Did your coach(es) tinker with your mechanics? Did you have multiple coaches telling you different things? Repeatable mechanics leads to consistency.

I think only you can determine what was the cause of your struggles.

it was my first year throwing off that distance but ive been throwing off of it for a while now.

i was putting a little pressure on myself but not that much

my coaches really didnt help me at all with my pitching. in practice all we do is take ground balls or have batting practice so we really dont practice pitching at all. during the season i didnt have anyone to practice pitching with so i was basically only pitching on days i would start. that is probably the biggest problem.

there could be lots of reasons if you have any breaking pitches or off speed pitches try throwing them when you cant control your fastball just to let the hitter see something else besides the fastball, and the offspeed could be thrown for strikes in those situations

muscle memory, you need to simplify your mechanics a simple back step , pick your lead foot up, and just throw the ball, your putting a lot of thought into what your doing wrong, you cant think about all that, for you i think its alot mental. and you do need to throw more. at practice just ask the coach to catch a few for you,