Control frustrations when your defense is sloppy

i get really angry when my team gives up on me and makes lots of errors.
and foolish mistakes.
such as droppin the ball. not fielding groundballs.
i get angry because that causes me to pitch more pitches and to have more baserunners

how do i calm myself down and keep myself poise on the mound???

Oh, man—that certainly is a frustrating situation, isn’t it? It’s enough to make a pitcher tear his or her hair out by the roots. But there is a solution to this problem. Take a deep breath and decide that the next day there is going to be the first of a series of intensive fielding practice sessions. And if need be, you direct them. Everything from fielding bunts to pulling down high line drives to turning double plays.
Here’s a nice little drill for catchers on handling high pop-ups—a couple of years ago I saw this one at spring training in Tampa. Jorge Posada demonstrated this one: a batting machine—or a batter if you don’t have a machine handy—popped one high in the air and Posada had to catch it. Then two balls—then three, then four, one right after the other in rapid succession. Every catcher in camp had to do it. And on one occasion I had to laugh, because one kid lost his balance and fell over on his tush with his arms and legs up in the air like an overturned bug and I was instantly reminded of what I used to see 8) happening to a lot of batters who struck out trying to get a piece of my slider!
You can ask one of your coaches to devise a series of these exercises and drills so that you can set about teaching your fielders how to do things properly without being butterfingered.

I recommend the book, Heads Up Baseball: Playing The Game One Pitch At A Time. It talks about how to catch yourself getting frustrated and what to do about it.

All pitchers have trouble with fielders making errors - they are just part of the game. When this happens to me - I get frustrated - but I just keep pitching my game. I am not a big strikeout pitcher so I really need my fielders. I have pitched in games where the fielders have made 3 errors in an innning. I just kept throwing pitches - I have seen other pitchers get mad - but I don’t do this because - when I walk someone or give up a key hit I don’t want the fielders pointing fingers at me. I already feel bad about doing that. If guys aren’t paying attention that is the coaches job to fix. Also fielding like pitching takes practice and if you aren’t practicing fielding errors are going to happen - just expect it.

As a pitcher just stay calm focus on your job and everything will be ok. You may not win the game & you will throw extra pitches - but that is baseball.

If you watched the final game of the College World Series, then you saw a freshman shortstop for Fresno State make 3 errors in the game. But, did you see what the Fresno State pitcher did after the 3rd error? He looked at the shortstop, smiled, and appeared to crack a joke. Sometimes, when errors are being made behind you, it’s about picking up a teammate. Sometimes it’s about being a leader.

as fielders when the pitcher is off his game i.e., walking and hitting batters, throwing wild pitches etc. :wink:

It’s just part of the game and you focus on the things you can control,like the next pitch, and not the things you cannot (errors).

the 2008 allstar game is a great example. the second baseman made 2 errors on 2 straight plays. and the pither got out of it. when stuff like this happens with no outs try to pitch pitchesthat will jam the batter so he hits a straight pop or just wont make contact. then try to get breaking pitches low in the zone so there is a chance at a double play.

Whats wrong with errors? It just means you get to pitch more, nothing wrong with that. :lol: Oh be careful with showing emotions I remember last summer a kid was pitching and they made an error with a 1st and 3rd play when the ball was hit and the runner scored and the other guy got to 2nd. The pitcher was so frustrated and you could tell. So I went up there and I’m like if this first pitch is anywhere close I’m swining. It was probably shoulder level but I swung at it and knocked it to left field. I think they pulled him after that. :smiley:

Funny that your fielders aren’t the only ones that know your frustrated. What’s worse than getting mad with errors then giving up a first pitch hit?

This happened to me the first game of the season… I took control of the team defense… I started to throw as hard as I could with good control and struck out like three guys in row… My advice is if they are doing, take control… Try to get the count to like 0-2 1-2 2-2 and either get them with some high heat or throw a pitch to get them to chase it… It worked for me everytime my defense let me down…

Isn’t that what pitching is?

In a scrimmage on thursday nite I got the first 2 batters untill 2 errors occurred and then I walked 2.
I don’t know what it was, I’m sure that it wasn’t because I was rattled, but just because I should hae been out of the inning and my intensity level dropped cause I had an excuse for giving up runs in the inning. I need to get out of this mind set. a third of the runs I have given up this year have been unearned, which shows the defensive struggles we have

what ever you do dont show the other team that your mad, all you can do is keep pitching and keep throwing good pitches and give your infielders another chance to make a play, its like in the all star game when Dan Uggla made those errors Aaron Cook didnt get mad and he was in the all star game, he just kept making quality pitches and they got out of the inning and no one was hurt. Just forget about it and keep pitching.

^ Listen to ZW our pitching staff has that problem all the time, especially in our infield.