Control and velocity

having sound pitching mechanics, does good control go with high velocity. in other words, do good control and high velocity go hand in hand?

are you asking if when someone has good control they will have high velo? or high velo = good control?

if control equals high velo…havin good mechanics that is

Not exactly how it works. You can have great mechanics and still not throw as hard as someone with bad mechanics. You should on the other hand be able to throw harder for a longer period of time. Mariano Rivera is a good example throws hard, but mechanics arent great and could never keep what he does up for 5+ innings. If you do not have the muscle and strength, the good mechanics can only get you so far. But the most important thing is control, a well-placed 86-87 mph fastball is lot better than a 100 mph one that missed.

Sandy Koufax had to learn to throw a few MPH below his max in order to improve his control and become an effective pitcher.