Continuing education

I have decided to pursue a career in Biomechanics/Kinesiology and am wondering if there are any on the boards who can offer me any tips or class suggestions as I am picking it as a way to earn a Coaching Endorsement from the University of Nebraska Omaha.


You might get some good information from here:

What do you mean endorsement?

I know that if you’re going to do this full time as a career, you’ll probably want to join the and get CSCS certified along the way.

At UNO along with an education degree you can receive a coaching endorsement I have not been in to see an advisor yet about what it entails nor do I know if its possible to receive the endorsement without getting certified to teach. This is where I find a dilemma. Personally, I do not know if a biomechanics degree or health education degree would be the best idea for coaching. It seems as if I need to start in High School coaching and move up? Any coaches in the forums?

I appreciate the NSCA link that seems like the direction I am going.

I believe SDSU offers a Sports Science program but I don’t know much about it.


I appreciate the NSCA link that seems like the direction I am going.[/quote]

There are LOTS of accredation agencies out there … but the NSCA is the best if you’re looking to go the Strength & Conditioning route. What about a master’s degree in Sports Management?

Bellevue University offers an undergraduate for sports management and I know they have a pretty prestigous athletic program(always good to know people) and I already have the business core under my belt at UNO. Ill have to research. Once again thanks everyone.