Contacting Colleges

I’m in my senior year of high school, last season I had an injury so I could play my junior year until the summer games. I do not have any Varsity stats except for those games. I have the ability to play at the next level but how do I contact coaches and get their attention.

The 1st thing to do is be honest with yourself about what next level you can play at.


This is important as you don’t really have time to waste marketing yourself to the wrong level. Each will be in various stages of recruiting their 2020 class.

Most D1’s are done recruiting 2020’s unless you are a pitcher throwing into the 90’s or you are looking for a high academic school that has to wait for final grades and test scores before finalizing their recruiting class.

D3’s are still filling rosters as are JUCO’s.

Once you determine where you might fit athletically you need to find the right fit academically.

What are your baseball measurables?

60 time
Exit velo
Infield or outfield velo
Catcher pop time, if applicable
Pitching velo, if applicable

SAT/ACT scores

If you don’t have this information available from a verifiable and credible source you need to get it ASAP.

A showcase is a good place to get these measurables recorded. It is also a place to find some coaches to talk with. PBR still has several available this year across the country:

Once you have documented measurables start emailing head coaches and recruiting coordinators at schools you are interested in that recruit kids with your measurables. You can often find the measurables of their committed recruits on the Perfect Game website under recruiting/commitments. You can find the coaches contact info on the baseball page of the athletics website for the school. Include your top number in the subject line to get attention, these guys get a lot of emails so make them want to open yours. Something like:

2020 SS- 6.65 60 and 3.9 GPA


2020 6’3" RHP 92 MPH Fastball

You get the idea.

Include the rest of your measurables in the email along with something personal about the school and or program. Don’t be lazy and send every school the same email. Tell them why you are a good fit for them and why they are a good fit for you.

Also, get your high school and summer ball coaches involved. Share the list of schools you are interested in with them. Ask them if they think you can play at these schools and ask them to reach out to the coaches there on your behalf.

Good luck, hope this info helps.

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Great job TXJIM. You smashed it.

Type in web browser NCSA how to make a skills video. Get a skills video together immediately and send it to coaches you are interested in playing for along with information previously mentioned by TXJM. Good luck and hope this helps.