Contact lenses

Lately I’ve been thinking about getting some contact lenses to help me pitching. Not just for better vision, (and by the way my vision is probably well over 40/40, so contacts would help nicely), but I’m also considering them with a special effect so I can have an intimidation factor as an added bonus. Probably red-colored, or something else like a white-pupil or whatever.

I’m not sure how much this will affect me, the better vision would likely be benificial, but I’m concerned it can be bad for my eye health, so I want to know if anyone around here plays with these lenses and how it’s helped them, before I try buying them.

P.S. - for anyone that’s bought them, how much do they cost? :lol:

Contacts would be a good idea to correct your vision problems.

One the topic of designer contacts (or whatever they are known as) I wouldn’t recommend it. For one thing, you might not be able to wear them because they could be viewed as a distraction (similar to how you cannot wear armbands, etc) or you might be forced to remove them during a game.

Besides the legality issue, you can also have health issues. If bought off the street or by non-prescription you run the risk of damaging your eyesight. I remember seeing a report on TV a few years ago about how poorly-made lenses caused infections, headaches, and some other ailments.

In short, just buy contacts to improve your vision. It would be cheaper and safer choice. If you want to, you can purchase lenses that are of a more natural/common eye color.

Just get glasses and get some sort of band to put on to tighten them and keep them on, that’s what I do.

First off, 40/40 is the same as 20/20.

If not contacts you can wear goggles like Eric Gagne or Francisco Rodriguez do.

Hey, I wear my normal glasses and I just put a band around it to hold it on, it works just fine and I don’t have to waste time messing with contacts or anything.

I said my vision is well over 40/40, as in it wasn’t good vision.

Pustulio - How particularly do you wrap the band around?

If you have bad vison just get regular contacts. The only bad thing is that you sort of get dependant on them. I started wearing contacts at 20/60. I could sort of see but just not little stuff. Now my vison is 20 /90 and would have trouble doing everyday stuff like driving with out them in. If you can’t see then go ahead and get them, but if your vison isn’t too bad then don’t expect to go too big of an improvement in preformance.

Just to clarify:

20/90 means that what I can see at 20 feet someone with 20/20 vison could see from 90 feet. If you say 40/40 then I assume you mean 20/20 which is very good. Very few people are 20/20 or better. even a lot of people who don’t wear glasses are in the 20/20 - 20/40 range. I didn’t really notice anything till my vison got worse than 20/60. Leagally you can drive at 20/40 and I could probablly drive ok with out my contacts (20/90)–not sayin I do :slight_smile:

The band fits on the earpieces of the glasses as in there are holes that you slide it through, you then tighten the band and it tightens your glasses.