Constant stabbing pain in arm

I’m a pitcher. For the last two weeks my throwing arm has been in constant pain. It feels like there is a knife in my shoulder and it feels like from my shoulder down to my fingers is on fire. When I move my arm across my body I get a stabbing pain behind my shoulder and it feels like my hand starts going numb. It feels like my elbow is made of glass and the slightest tweak will shatter it. I can not throw a baseball hard at all. Any ideas on what the problem could be? I’m not throwing anymore and doing band workouts for my shoulder. Any help will be greatly appreciated! I don’t have an educated athletic trainer available

Hello, I am just a father whose son went through a lot of PT in order to be able to play.

Lucky for me/him, we found an orthopedic surgeon who knew what he was doing out of a major hospital system in NYC.

Sounds to me you have an injury. I know, you already know that, right? Well, if you know that, have you seen a proper doctor?

What I am telling you is that in your situation, you need medical help. Even continuing to do bands could be, and probably is, not helping and perhaps doing more damage. You need to see a doctor who specializes in sports medicine and shoulder/arm injuries.

You may have a tear in the rotator cuff area which is also effecting the ulna nerve which runs from the neck/shoulder all the way down to the hand. That nerve can cause differing sensations/pain anywhere along that path. If you have a serious UCL tear, you would have serious/strong pain in the elbow EVERY time you threw the ball.

I urge you to get medical help. And don’t be surprised if it takes at least a year to get “back in the game”.

Good luck. If you want to toss ideas around, I’ll be happy to help.

Backstop’s right, there’s nothing we can do on a forum to help you out, other than suggest you see a medical professional.

I had a similar problem, went to see the doctor, and they told me that my UCL was chafing, and that had I not went to the doctor when I did, the injury would’ve gotten a lot worse. I have a sidearm delivery, which probably contributed to the problem, but nonetheless, see a medical professional.